Acrylic Paint Set -12 Acrylic Paints, 6 Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting




Premium Acrylic Art Set that includes everything you need to create your masterpiece! This set comes complete with a selection of 6 finely crafted professional style artist brushes, 3 canvas panels, and 12 acrylic paint tubes

Product Details:

  • High quality Acrylic paint supplies
  • For adults and kids
  • Beginner and Professional
  • Comprehensive Non-Slip Grip Brushes Set
  • Professional grade Acrylic paints
  • Complete Acrylic Painting package

What You Get:

  • 12 vibrant, professional grade Acrylic tubes (.4 oz., 12 Ml)
  • 6 piece paint brush set
  • 3 x 8×10 canvases

Features: a complete 22 piece high quality Acrylic Paint Set, including all the supplies you need for creating a masterpiece, and starting a new hobby. Perfect for beginners, or seasoned veterans, with all the basics you need to learn to acrylic paint. All our products are made of eco-friendly material. This set is sure to help you to improve your painting skills and cultivate your hobby.


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