Mistah Listah

A Little About Me:

Welcome to my little blog.  I hope you enjoy your stay.

How in the world do I describe myself?

I’m a high school teacher, a college professor, a writer, a reader, a video gamer, a tabletop gamer, a wrestling fan, a fantasy nerd, and a dreamer.

That’s probably not everything, but it works for now.

Me1          Me2
Overly excited for the Bristol Renaissance Faire.              Me and my puppy Zeus.

Current Projects:

  • I’m currently putting together a collection of my poetry from the last 15 years and including some newly written material to produce a chapbook.  You can find samples of my poetry on my blog.  The product will also include some artwork from Ray Williams (@Ray_W_3).  I’ll provide more information about where to purchase the final product via dead tree or electronic format.
  • I’m currently revising the first book of a fantasy trilogy titled Passage into Darkness.  More on this project in the future.

Contact Me:

You can currently contact me in the following ways:


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