Social Media Cleanse – Day 1

Well, I went a full day without losing my mind, and I am pretty floored by the number of times my addled brain tried to log into my deactivated Facebook account.

Number of Attempts:

Over the course of the entire day, I tried to log into Facebook/Twitter a total of 30 times.  Yes, that’s 3-0.

Reasons for Attempts:

Every time I attempted to waste some time on Facebook yesterday, I tried to pay attention to just what I was doing when it happened.  Since I still had a lot of work to do for the inservice I’m leading today, I spent from 9 am to about 11 pm working on putting the presentation together.  I noticed most of the attempts were when I got discouraged with the project.  My brain apparently is used to using Facebook or Twitter as a way to procrastinate and not do the difficult work that I needed to get done.

I also tried jumping into Facebook or Twitter whenever I had an interesting idea or wanted to share my progress on my lengthy process.  I actually felt rather discouraged when I couldn’t post something.  It’s like I had suddenly lost my voice.

There were a few other times that I attempted to get at my social media sites.  When I took a few mental breaks, my fingers tried loading the apps on my phone in order to waste a bit of time.

The most surprising thing of all was that of the 30 times, my brain opened a new tab and tried to load Facebook 5 times without me even realizing it.  It was like it tried to operate on auto-pilot, and I would be suddenly staring at the log-in screen wondering just how the hell I even got there.


Had I not disabled my Facebook, I’m not sure I would have managed to finish my work on this presentation by a decent time.  Thinking about the number of times I tried to get at my social media alone, I probably would have been up until at least 1 am working on this presentation.  Thank goodness I didn’t, or else this presentation today probably would have been more of a disaster.

Aside from the work that I needed to do, my brain began to move toward other projects.  I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t want to do 14 hours of work on the presentation or not, but I wanted to work on podcasting and even a few new project ideas.


Well, day one is officially over, and I’m on to a very busy day.  I’ll be out at the R.O.E. until about 3 today, and then I have dinner plans tonight, so I’m thinking my number will drop significantly for today.

I did try to log into FB/Twitter twice already today, though.


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