Chasing Distant Horizons: Half Way There!

I’m still floored at the fact that my chapbook Kickstarter has raised over $500.  Working toward the next stretch goal of $700.  If we hit that, I’ll be sending along some extra swag (bookmarks and stickers) with the final product.

Check out the Kickstarter by clicking this link!  Get your copy today for a mere $3 for a digital copy or $8 for a printed copy, swag, and audio version.

I’ve been working on three more poems for the collection.  Once I get the wrinkles ironed out (or irons wrinkled out, Adam), I’ll post one of them on here as a bit of a preview.

Today’s quote:

“Build me up from bones
Wrap me up in skin
Hold me close enough to breathe me in

The moon’s a fingernail
Scratching on the back
Of the night in which we lay beside” -“Build Me Up From Bones” by Sarah Jarosz


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