Helping the Hungry

My mind is all over the place tonight.  I blame it on my having so much on my plate that I really don’t know where to begin.

Here’s one thing I do know:  tomorrow marks the end of yet another Student Hunger Drive.  Once again students from all over the Quad City area are collecting money and food for local food pantries.  And once again I’ve been pushing my students to work hard for a good cause.

Early on in life, we didn’t have a whole lot.  Things were good when I lived with my grandmother, but when I lived with my mom, we needed help.  It’s not like there was ever a steady male influence in the house to help pay the bills.  If we wanted to eat, we relied on food stamps and donations.  With the recent news about the cuts to federal food stamp programs, it’s more important than ever to pay it forward for the assistance my family and I received.

That’s why I push my students to participate in the Student Hunger Drive.  It’s not just so my class can win the competition among the teachers and students.  It’s because of those that really need the aid.  My car is once again filled to the brim with food.  And I gladly will continue to donate what little time and money I have to help others.

I’ll update on the amount our school brings in once I know later this week.  I’m hoping we did better than last year!

I’ll leave you with a reminder of my Kickstarter campaign for my first ever chapbook of poetry.  I’ve raised over $500 so far, and there’s still 16 days to go.  I would appreciate if you would visit the website and consider donating.  You can click the link here for more information.

And as always, a quote:

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” -Mahatma Gandhi


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