In Case You Missed It…

Well, as of last Friday, I officially finished my Masters program at Western Illinois University.  It took over 3 years to complete the program and all of my energy and sanity to write the thesis, but I somehow survived.  It feels rather strange knowing that I’m done with this part of my life.

While it feels strange, I can count my blessings and the opportunities that have opened up due to all my hard work.  I’ll officially become a college professor next year, which will be a strange addition to starting my 7th year at Orion High School.  Lucky number seven, right?  I sure hope so!

I’d like to thank everyone that supported me once again as I worked on this final project.  Your kind words and encouragement helped me reach that end goal.So I’ve been keeping myself busy and really enjoying my first week of actual summer vacation from work.  Here’s a few things I’ve done or been obsessing over:

  • Saturday and Sunday was spent getting back to my gaming roots in a new sort of format.  Myself and many other listeners of the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast participated in the first ever Jackercon, an all-online virtual gaming convention.  I ran a go-to Old World of Darkness horror game that got some good reviews.  I also played a Fantasy HERO game, Fiasco, and Murderous Ghosts.  Met some very awesome people that I hope to game with again down the road.
  • I picked up a copy of Animal Crossing:  New Leaf for the 3DS as a gift to myself.  I’ve been obsessing over the game ever since.  If you have a 3DS, do yourself a favor and pick it up.  Then get in touch so we can play the game together!
  • I’ve gone back to playing Final Fantasy 1.  I’m nearing the end once more.  Playing with 3 monks/masters and a white mage/wizard.  Not the easiest party to play with, but I love a challenge.
  • I’ve been reading lots of poetry books over this vacation.  I picked up a book of collected poems from various authors about the life and writings of Emily Dickinson.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve found some good poems, though.  And I may use a few in my teaching.
  • I’m getting close to finishing the revising and writing of poems for my upcoming chapbook.  I’m still considering doing a small Kickstarter campaign for it.  Nothing too major, but it seems like it might be a good way to get the word out.  I’m currently drafting a poem about Saturday morning cartoons.  Stay tuned.

And now, I leave you because I must go collect oranges and seashells and sell them to build bridges and pay for my house’s down payment in Animal Crossing.  But before I go, I leave you with one of my old poems that may appear in my chapbook collection:


I want

I want you

I want you, too

I want you to try

I want you to try being

I want you to try being me

I want you to try being mean

I want you to try being meaningful


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