Juggling Act

I’ve been officially done with my sixth year of teaching at Orion High School for almost a month.  I wish I could say that the end of the year has brought complete solace, but many of my days have been absorbed in working on my thesis.  This project is somewhat more daunting than I would have ever imagined.  Despite how difficult it is due to my inability to focus most of the time, I’m making major headway.  The text itself is fully written, and the next two weeks are all about revision.

But I’m not planning on complaining about it here.  Those unlucky enough to follow my Twitter probably feel like this when seeing my endless posts.

No, instead of discussing my thesis, I’m going to ramble a bit about some of my other projects and do a bit of shameless self-plugging.  My hope is that you’ll find something of interest as my projects vary quite a bit.

  • I’m currently putting together a selection of poetry to create my very first chapbook.  As of right now, I’ve collected 11 possible poems from a rather large collection spanning more than ten years of writing.  One thing that is always interesting about projects like these is going back and seeing how much I have grown as a writer.  It’s also eye-opening to go back to old work and actually take time to rework it.  Some of my old writing was either really badly done or just not up to my current standards that they barely resemble what they once were.  Anywho, I’m writing a few more poems over this summer, and I plan on organizing the book for purchase both online and in physical format.  Perhaps I’ll even do a low budget Kickstarter project.  Stay tuned.
  • An old friend of mine turned my attention toward an interesting writing opportunity.  Growing up, I loved just about anything done by the Jim Henson studio.  Among my favorite works of their genius was The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.  To my surprise, there is an open search for a writer for a new Dark Crystal young adult novel.  I’ve already started brainstorming and writing a bit.  If you’re interested and want to give me some added competition, check out the site for rules and information.
  • I’m currently working on a card game project and am hoping that with some hard work and play testing, it will get off the ground sometime in the future.  The game is currently titled Monkey Mayhem, and the premise is that you are a leader of a tribe of monkeys at war with other tribes over the limited resources of the island.  Your goal?  Climb trees and collect as many bananas as possible.  If you’re good enough, perhaps you’ll even find the legendary golden banana.  Follow Orbital Attitude Games on Twitter (@OA_Games).  Facebook and website coming soon as we develop more information!

I suppose that’s really it for now.  I should get back to working on my next poem for my chapbook.  I’ll be posting a preview of it here in the coming days.

As always, I leave you with a quote:

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” -Oscar Wilde


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